Plant Paradox Phase 1: Success! (Then a Failure)

June 10, 2017lectinfreemama

I did it!!! I made it through three days of eating the color green for 72 hours!


In the spirit of full disclosure, I “cheated” a couple times, because being hangry and taking care of a one year old weren’t meshing. I ate a couple handfuls of approved nuts, an egg here and there, and a couple dates. My intestines did not explode after I did this.

I feel better. I woke up this morning rejoicing that I could eat something besides salad for breakfast.

But guess what the first recipe is on the Two Week Phase 2 Suggested Meal Plan? THE DREADED GREEN SMOOTHIE.

“I’m gonna doctor this up,” I thought. I added peaches, vanilla extract, and a splash of blueberry juice and ginger, and I skipped the lemon juice and stevia. Threw it in the blender, and…

It was disgusting. 2 thumbs down, do not recommend.

I even put it in a beer glass, so I could imagine I was day drinking.

FullSizeRender (6)

I didn’t try to fix it. Down the drain it went, and I made scrambled eggs with spinach and Italian seasoning instead. Also, I topped those delicious spinach eggs with this imported Locatelli Pecorino Romano at Wegmans that is so good I’ve probably taken a couple bites out of the whole block, because I was too impatient to grate it.


Oh, and it’s made with sheep’s milk, so yay!

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