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Plant Paradox Compliant Snacks

June 17, 2020lectinfreemama

Hangry without a snack? It’s a recipe for cheating on any diet. Doubly true if there’s “temptation food” laid out for you. More than once, my ambitious intention to practice intermittent fasting at a party or on a road trip has been thwarted by…well, hunger.

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Fortunately, the Plant Paradox is different from some ancestral diets, in that there are a good number of store-bought Plant Paradox snacks that are compliant (as long as they don’t keep changing their ingredients). The number of whole-food-based snack options is ever expanding on the grocery store shelves. The following suggestions will help you stay compliant and satisfied while you’re navigating a lectin-free diet.

Best Road Trip Snacks

I’m actually shocked at how hungry I get on long car trips. Like, all I’m doing is sitting there… But apparently my brain thinks careening down the highway at 70 mph in a metal cage is a strenuous activity best accompanied by the shoveling of snacks into my mouth (plus coffee/iced tea). To avoid mindless shoveling, however, I suggest bringing pre-portioned individual sizes of mess-free Plant Paradox snacks.

Roasted and Salted Pistachios

Pistachios are at the top of Dr. Gundry’s list of recommended nuts. (He normally recommends the ones in the shells, but that’s not practical for car rides.) Get an 8-pack of snack-size pistachios to keep in the car when the craving for crunchy things hits. Just don’t defeat the purpose of the snack size by eating more than one at a time!

Grass Fed Beef Jerky

Transport your tastebuds to the Paleolithic era the next time you’re idling in a traffic jam. Approved for Paleo, keto, and Plant Paradox, grass-fed beef sticks are the easiest way to get zero-carb satisfaction while on the road. This pack of 10 sticks are flavorful–slightly smoky and spicy–without the added nitrates and sugar of most commercial meat sticks.

Best Errand Snacks for Kids

Want to make running errands a zillion times harder? Do it with hungry kids. Your “run into the store real quick” easily turns “meltdown in aisle 1” if your child has foregone the crucial nourishment required for the sport of Tagging-Along. Before you grab the nearest sugary, processed “kid snack” from the shelf, plan ahead and load up your car or purse with these kid-friendly Plant Paradox snacks.

Kids Protein Bars

No-mess, shelf stable protein bars are the king of convenience snacking. The problem is, my daughter dislikes most all the recommended Plant Paradox bars (as do I). Luckily, I found this pack of 16 kids bars to be the tastiest and most lectin-friendly option. Just keep in mind, these are not a good choice for those suffering from chronic health issues (the unpeeled almonds may cause issues). But for healthy kids who dislike sugar alcohols and protein isolates, these bars are an awesome pick-me-up between shopping trips.

Popped Sorghum

Popped sorghum is smaller than regular popcorn, so it’s easier (and healthier) for pint-sized hands on the go. This brand of popped sorghum has only three ingredients–organic sorghum, avocado oil, and sea salt–making it the perfect snack for picky eaters.

Best Between-Meal Snacks

Dr. Gundry suggests doing away with snacking altogether. But sometimes an in-between bite can prevent over-eating later, especially if you’ve shortened your eating window to 4-6 hours. I often break my fast at noon, eat a small snack at 2:30, and then eat dinner at 5 pm. The key is to not snack on carby things or things that convert straight to sugar.

Ginger Green Tea

Not really a snack, in the caloric sense, but ginger green tea is the best in-between-meal beverage. Dr. Gundry has often said he drinks green tea throughout the day for the antioxidants. My favorite brand has ginger–to help with digestion–and organic green tea to provide a clean midday boost. If you’re craving a snack, but don’t want the calories, try the green tea strategy!

Sea Salt Extra Dark Chocolate

The best part about the Plant Paradox: you don’t have to ignore your chocolate craving. In fact, you can indulge every day in one ounce or less of the darkest chocolate you can handle. For me, that’s usually 85% organic dark chocolate, but a great sugar-free option is this sea salt extra dark chocolate, made from 70% cacao and sweetened with stevia.

Best Travel Convenience Snacks

Travel is exhausting. In fact, I have an entire guide devoted to staying lectin-free on vacation. Don’t make it more stressful with snacks you have to prep or store in Tupperwares that need cleaning later. Go for ultimate convenience with these mess-free portable Plant Paradox snacks.

Ginger Digestion Elixir

It might seem difficult, but fasting is the best way to keep a healthy digestive system when traveling. Your gut can take a serious hit from the stress of long hours, jet lag, and airport fast foods. My advice if you’re going this route is to stay well hydrated with a delicious tea that soothes the gut. It comes in travel packs and has calming herbs like ginger, mint, and licorice root. The polyphenols will keep your gut bugs happy until you can break your fast with a healthy meal at your destination.

Blanched Almond Butter Packets

Who among us hasn’t eaten almond butter from the jar by the spoonful? Only these single serving nut butter packets are better, because no jar and no spoon required. It’s a conveniently squeezable snack, so creamy and delicious, crackers would only ruin it.


  • Anne Chilcott

    June 22, 2020 at 8:13 pm

    I don’t think the RX bars are compliant- please set me straight on this.

    1. Autumn.m.boyle@gmail.com

      June 23, 2020 at 12:53 am

      Hi Anne,

      You’re semi-correct. If you see my explanation for them in the post, though, they are on this list for healthy kids–my daughter, who has no health issues and does not like any of the approved bars on the Plant Paradox diet. These bars contain ingredients that have all been approved in other bars and snacks recommended by Dr. G, though they would need to be in extreme moderation because of the dates (fruit).

  • Nadine Knapp

    June 24, 2020 at 3:05 pm

    Thanks for the snack list. I am appreciate all the tips you shared. I use the quest bars (Strawberry cheesecake) because at some point Dr. G approved them. Now he recommends the Adapt Bars that I cannot find anywhere. For some reason I need lots of protein. When I try to cut down to 20 grams I feel weak and no energy. What energy bar do you recommend though I see from your post you don’t like any of them. Again thanks for being real. The quest bar is basically clay, but it works for me. Keep up the great work.

    1. Autumn.m.boyle@gmail.com

      June 25, 2020 at 12:33 am

      Yeah, I really don’t like any of them. I just don’t eat them. I eat nuts mostly.

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