The Secret to Dr. Gundry’s Success

July 13, 2017lectinfreemama

If you don’t know who Dr. Gundry is, he’s the author of the new book The Plant Paradox and The Plant Paradox Cookbook (affiliate links).

He’s a pretty successful guy: his diet treats the root cause of disease and has sent thousands of patients into remission. He hints at it, especially in the last section of the book, but he never comes out and says “This is a huge part of why I’m so successful.”


Grab Your Book

If you have your Plant Paradox book in front of you, I’ll show you where to find the secret to his success. He tells you on the following pages:

  • p. 225 “Breakfast may seem daunting…”
  • p. 227 “A spiralizer is a great tool…”
  • p. 246 “You’ll find meal plans…”
  • p. 338 “Raw Mushroom Soup…”
  • p. 342 “Here is a replacement…”
  • p. 344 “You have probably heard…”
  • p. 347 “I usually paid dearly…”
  • p. 357 “A few years ago…”

Do you see a connection?

What if I type it like this:

  • p. 225 “My wife, Penny, and I have…”
  • p. 227 “My wife and I share…”
  • p. 246 “My wife and I love…”
  • p. 338 “my wife and I want…”
  • p. 342 “I cooked for my wife…”
  • p. 344 “My wife and I make…”
  • p. 347 “as did my wife…”
  • p. 357 “my wife and I sat down for lunch…”

My wife and I. That’s it. That’s the secret. He and his wife both eat this way. You won’t find Doritos, Little Debbies, or pastries at their house because they both do it. They’re both committed.

They gulp down green smoothies together and giant green salads and raw mushroom soup for “comfort food.” Dr. Gundry doesn’t have to sit and watch his wife devour a plate of french fries, while he sadly sips his mushroom soup. They’re in it together, and neither of them has to live with the temptation of one partner eating like a down-home American cattle farmer while the other eats a head of Romaine.


Family Support

Familial support sets someone up for success unlike any other. Who can possibly continue to say no day after day after month after month to delicious junk sitting around the house in plain sight? The answer is no one. Even the strongest will power cracks.

I feel so blessed that my husband is along for the ride as I heal my autoimmune disease. Sure, we have bread and lunch meat in the house for his occasional sandwich, but the ice cream is gone. The chips, the “healthy” granola, the peanut butter, and all the food that comes in a box is gone. It went in the trash or was donated the day I committed to changing my life.

For those who aren’t as lucky, I wish I could buy a retreat in the woods where we could all go for a year-long gut-healing campout. Until that happens, here are some ideas for how you might cope:

  1. Put all the junk food in a lock box. Seriously. Let your spouse be the only one who knows the combo.
  2. Tell the fam that if they’re going to eat “other” food, it must be out of your sight. That’s not a lot to ask, and they should at least be willing to do this for you.
  3. Always have an “alternative” prepared. This one is harder cause you have to work more, but if you have a just-as-good alternative to whatever someone else is eating, you’re more likely to avoid.
  4. Share this post with them.
  5. Nag at them incessantly to do this with you.
  6. ^^^ Just kidding. (Maybe)

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  • Valentina

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