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If you write about nutrition, wellness, or any topics related to autoimmune disease or The Plant Paradox diet, I welcome submissions for articles to run. I’m generally looking for well-researched (and cited) articles about 1000 words in length. If you’re a researcher and a writer and have an idea for an article you’d like to write for this blog, contact me at

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If you have a website, book, recipe, or product you think would be a good fit for this blog, I welcome proposals for how we can work together! One of my goals with this blog is to build a network of bloggers and a collection of products and recipes that make the Plant Paradox lifestyle easier. Contact me at to submit a proposal.

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Do you want to tell your story? It doesn’t have to be a success story. It can be a real story of struggle and the tenacity to try a diet when there are so many unknowns. Contact me at to get started on becoming an inspiration to others.