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June 23, 2017lectinfreemama
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A lot of people understandably think the Plant Paradox Program is BS because Dr. Gundry recommends a ton of supplements, and, oh–look at that!–he happens to sell them on his website. Go figure.

I’m here to make a one-woman testimony of “anecdotal-that-is-possibly-placebo-effect” evidence that some of the supplements do actually make a difference. Granted, I’m taking so many I have no idea which ones are making a difference, but I like to think the collective whole of supplements, plus the eating lectin-free part are making me feel the best I can at the moment.

I mostly know that they work because I’ve stopped and started various supplements over the past year, and I make a note of how I feel differently every time I do that. Also, I don’t even come close to the number of supplements Dr. Gundry recommends, so who knows how awesome I could feel. *eyeroll*

The following are the ones that I’m pretty sure actually work or they were recommended to me by my doctor (which would hopefully mean that they work, but ya never know).

1. Enzyme Complex – 1 before each meal

This is the one that makes the biggest difference for me. Without it, my body is apparently incapable of digesting raw vegetables. I take one before every meal, and it enables me to eat all the leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables my stomach can handle in one sitting, without suffering the severe abdominal pain, cramps, and other unmentionables later.

2. Flaxseed Oil – 1 gram/day

My doctor recommended this vegetarian source of the essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. It helps maintains glowing skin and healthy joints and also promotes cardiovascular health and nervous system health. FAT IS GOOD FOR YOU, PEOPLE.

3. Kombucha

This isn’t actually a supplement, but it’s got enzymes, polyphenols, and live cultures. I think it tastes exactly like soda (pop, for my midwest kinfolk), and it has ALCOHOL in it, because fermented, so you can pour it into a beer glass and you would never know the difference!!! (That was a lie–you will know the difference, and I’m so sorry about that.)

4. L-Glutamine – 2 grams/day

This one was recommended by my doctor to support GI health–as support for intestinal, immune, and brain cell function. “L-glutamine comprises 60% of the body’s total free amino acid muscle pool,” whatever that means. Supplementation is evidently successful in the healing of leaky gut, though no clinical trials have been done, because leaky gut isn’t even a recognized thing yet. Consider me a clinical trial of one–results to be determined.

5. Melatonin – 3 mg/night

My circadian rhythm thinks midnight is an acceptable time to finally get tired. Probably because I am not one of those people that’s going to put my electronics away when the sun goes down (I need to preserve my sanity here, people). Melatonin + NPR news app = droopy eyelids. (Another lie, I actually get really excited about NPR.)

6. Probiotics – 1/day

I’m taking a 16 strain, 50 billion guaranteed probiotic from the refrigerated section. Hopefully these good guys are 1) surviving the journey to my intestinal tract, and 2) outnumbering the bad guys. If not, I’m a sucker and someone is making a lot of money off of me.

7. Quercetin Complex  – 2 capsules, twice daily

This is kind of like a multi-vitamin for people with immune issues. It provides antioxidants (or “anti-accidents,” as my dad likes to say) plus an “Ester-C” vitamin complex (calcium/vit C), which is gentle on the gut.

8. Tums

Some people’s heartburn magically goes away on the PPP. That magic hasn’t happened for me, plus I like wine, so this colorful stomach candy is here to stay.

9. Vitamin D3 – 10,000 ICU’s/day

Vitamin D deficiency is a telltale marker of autoimmune and intestinal issues, because many people with leaky gut have problems with absorption. My vitamin D levels are baaaarely in the normal range (low). I started taking 10,000 ICU’s when I was exclusively breastfeeding so that my baby could get her vitamin D supplementation from me and not the liquid torture she hated. I’ve continued taking that much ever since, with my levels still in the normal range.

10. Miscellaneous

It really bothers me that there’s only 9 items on this list, so this category is for whatever else I happen to take, just not every day–Tylenol, Zyrtec, wine, dark chocolate, a sniff of beer.



  • samanthaosummers

    June 23, 2017 at 6:09 pm

    Supplements always get a bad rap, but in fairness there are a lot of VS supplements out there too. I think they’re fantastic because a large number of the population is deficient in key nutrients. Plus it is damn near impossible to get all of your recommended totals from food alone each day. I took supplements out the nose during pregnancy and subsequent breastfeeding and I felt great. I have since slacked off and I feel that too.

    Keep me posted on how you feel later, I’m curious about the enzymes and probiotics.

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